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No-deal Brexit – Johnson refuses to comment



The favorite runner for the UK Prime Minister position Boris Johnson refused to comment if he would try to shut the Parliament to facilitate a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson is reported to be willing to hold the Queen’s Speech where he would explain his new program, in November and this means that the parliament would be sent home two weeks earlier, preventing them to stop a no-deal Brexit on October 31st.

However, Johnson commented on the fact that this would be very convenient for him but the sterling value is falling even further.

He added that would like to negotiate with the EU but Britain would leave with a no deal if he faces a lack of compromise or flexibility and he went on saying that he’s sensing a change among the parliament members that were against a no deal Brexit and now they just want it done.

The EU has stated that will no renegotiate the terms that were agreed with Theresa May.

“We should come out well before the next election,” he told at the interview adding that he would start an awareness advertising campaign for businesses to prepare for a no-deal.


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