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No Deal Brexit Will Lead to Chaos: Operation Yellow Hammer States



No Deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit scenario could lead to chaos, is what the government is predicting.

For starters, it could severely affect the cross-channel trade routes. This will mean definite disruption in supplies of medicines and fresh food, something the government is predicting as the worst-case scenario.

Already protests are spreading across Britain over the Brexit issue.  The predictions are based on a document that was procured by the Sunday Times and states Operation Yellow Hammer, spelling all that could happen if there was a no-deal Brexit scenario.

It is definitely going to affect jobs, delivery schedules on road apart from making immigration a lot tougher. The document also predicts how some firms would stop trading and those that continued would face higher costs which could be passed on to consumers.

The current no-deal planning scenario is a resultant of this document being released on demand of lawmakers who accuse Johnson’s government of concealing the possible outcome of leaving without a deal and could add to the political acrimony as Britain lurches towards its Oct. 31 deadline to exit the EU.

It is clear that the United Kingdom is not ready for a no-deal Brexit as of now. The document clearly mentions this and also that business is going to be severely affected, if there is a no-deal Brexit initiated.

 Trucks could initially have to wait up to two and a half days to cross the English Channel.

Johnson has been sending of clear messages of Britain’s exit with or without a deal. However, opposition lawmakers are not comfortable with this declaration and could seize the parliamentary agenda last week that has passed a law ordering Johnson seek a delay unless he agrees with a deal with the EU to head off chaos.

Sadly since then, the Parliament has been suspended, with courts giving divided rulings about whether Johnson had the right to do so.  In his defense, Johnson is seeking urgent general election to resolve the impasse; but his opponents are clear when they will not support the call of an election unless he does something and not take opt for a no-deal exit.


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