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North Korea – missile tests are a ‘solemn warning’ to South Korea




Kim Jong-un sent a ‘solemn warning’ to South Korea for its plans to hold joint military drilss with the US, testing two missiles under his supervision and this was the first missile test since the meeting with Trump at the DMZ last month.

North Korea said that the dialogue can be derailed if Seoul and Washington don’t refuse to abandon their military drills, giving no details on the weapon being tested.

South Korea hosts about 30,000 US troops and North Korean’s missiles are believed to be capable to hit any target in the South and are described by Korean Central News Agency as ‘state-of-art’ missiles cautioning Seoul to not ignoring the warning.

Japan has called the tests as ‘extremeli regrettable’ as Seoul’s National Security Office raised ‘strong concern’s on the situation.

Mike Pompeo said that he’s convinced that theres a diplomatic way to resolve the issue with a negotiated solution.

Trump seems not concerned about the missile tests that deemed as ‘very standard stuff’ when asked by Fox News channel.


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