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O’Rourke: El Paso shooting makes apparent the ‘actual outcome’ of Trump prejudice



Beto O’Rourke

The killings of 22 people in the El Paso mass shooting earlier this month clarified that “the real outcome and cost of Donald Trump,” the 2020 Democratic Presidential contender Beto O’Rourke stated on Sunday.

O’Rourke revealed to NBC’s Meet the Press, that “even before the 2020 presidential race, I discussed how hazardous President Trump’s open prejudice is.”

The former congressman referred to comments about Mexicans and Muslims and the blazing fire in a mosque in Victoria, Texas “the day after he signs his official request endeavouring to boycott Muslim travel.”

Yet, he included: “It wasn’t until somebody, motivated by Donald Trump’s racist comments, traveled in excess of 600 miles, and mercilessly shot 22 individuals in my community with an AK-47, that one should not own, in fact that no American should claim, except if they are in a combat zone, or engaging an enemy in war.

“It wasn’t until that minute that I genuinely saw how important this minute is and the real outcome and price of Donald Trump’s rhetoric.” O’Rourke stated.

The mosque in Victoria torched on 28 January 2017, the day after Trump marked an official request which looked to incidentally ban from the US people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia and to halt or constrain displaced refugee entry. The guilty party for burning the mosque was indicted in July 2018 and sentenced to 24 years in jail.

 The El Paso Walmart shooter has been connected to a “manifesto” in which he had mentioned Trump’s policies. He surrendered to police, who stated that he had admitted the killings.

O’Rourke revealed to NBC that he had seen threat implicit to Trump’s policies and conduct once more “yesterday, in Mississippi, in Canton, in a network where almost 700 people working in chicken processing factories, were assaulted, confined, taken from their children, mortified, hogtied, for the wrongdoing of being in this nation, carrying out a responsibility that nobody else will do”.

The attacks on Mississippi food processing plants by US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or Ice, caused national objection this month. The activity against undocumented transients was done soon after the El Paso shooting and the unwelcomed visit to the Texas city by Trump.

Embarking for that visit, Trump told journalists those who are condemning him regarding shootings “are political people. They’re attempting to downgrade him as many are running for 2020 presidential elections.

On NBC on Sunday, O’Rourke stated: “There is a deliberate, sorted out assault against workers, against immigrants, especially people of color.

“Furthermore, this event will define us on how we reflect on it, and if we do not realize it, I am sure that we’ll lose America, this nation. Surely, we can’t let that to occur.” international media reported.


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