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Playboy Qatari prince exposed: Two former US employees sue him for using them as bounty hunters, and reveal more



Prince Andrew of UK and Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

The US security officials, Matthew Pittard and Matthew Allende, filed a lawsuit against the Qatari prince, Al Thani, who is the younger brother of Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

Allende, a paramedic, provided round the clock medical care to the prince, while Pittard, Ex-Marine, worked as a security advisor and consulted for Sheikh’s defense company, Geo Strategic Defense Solutions. The two worked for Al-Thani for almost 10 months between 2017 and 2018 and experienced something on the likes of a classic Hollywood crime thriller, one stuffed with luxury cars, racing, guns, obscene amount of wealth, murder plots and above all, fear for life.

In 2017, the two assisted the Qatari royal in South California and stayed with him and his elaborate entourage of about 50 people at the famous Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills. Later they joined Al Thani in his oil-rich country, where things changed for worse.

The two, who are now back in US, mentioned that they never felt that unsafe in life as they did while they stayed in a guarded palace in Doha.

The two represented by Florida attorney Rebecca Castaneda, accused Al Thani of compelling Pittard to ‘take care of’ (murder) two people; one a man in Los Angles, who had to pay back debt of $6000 and a woman who was a friend of Prince’s wife, who Qatari royal believed was giving out information about him to his enemies, including his whereabouts.
Pittard told ABC News that he refused to kill the man and paid off the debt himself. He told Sheikh, ‘Sheikh, don’t ever ask me to do that again’ and I left the room.”

Pittard added that he was once even forced to give Narcan – a drug commonly used to treat heroin overdoses – to the Sheikh after he collapsed in a party.

Allende, who had to at times stay up straight for 36 hours with the prince while he partied, was held hostage, and broke his foot while escaping the paradise prison by jumping over a 18 feet tall.

Allende recalled, “I fell to the ground, rolling around in pain. The Emiri guard … they jumped on top of me and went ahead and dragged me back inside, closed the gate, threw me back into my bed.”

He added, “Now I have ten screws and a metal stencil holding my heel together,” says Allende.

Pittard mentioned that he also received a death threat from the Qatari Royal for helping a third US employee escaping Qatar. He said, “Sheikh Khalid called me on my cellphone, he said you backstabbing piece of (expletive). I’m going to (expletive) kill you and bury you in the desert and kill your family.”

Pittard told ABC7, “Sheikh was always waving guns around. He had machine guns, he had a couple AK-47s, he had a few Berettas, some with suppressors and silencers.”

The two (Pittard and Allende) together have claimed a total of $34 million from Al Thanifor unpaid wages and overtime, unfair dismissal, personal injury and other malpractice.

This is not the first time Al Thani’s lifestyle has dragged him into trouble. In 2015 he had to flee from US after he was caught racing in a residential area in Beverly Hills in his bright yellow Ferrari.

Sheikh tried to take care of the matter by allegedly threatening to kill the cameraman who filmed the incident, then claimed diplomatic immunity when police were called.
He also told officers that he wasn’t driving the car, before leaving the country.

The 36- year old has quiet a reputation of a playboy and loves car racing. In Qatar, Khalid is known as the ‘patron sheikh’ of drag-racing. He invests millions in the sport through his racing company, Al-Anabi Racing.

Castaneda has expanded the original lawsuit, which was filed in July 23, 2019, to include 18 of Al-Thani’s name aliases, which he used for different businesses, bank accounts and properties that he owns.

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