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Pompeo: after Brexit, US plans to sign free trade deal with the UK



Dominic Raab and Mike Pompeo

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo alongside Dominic Raab in a joint press conference, said the US would be on the doorstep, with a pen in hand, ready to sign another free-trade deal with the UK soon after Brexit.

Britain’s new Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the British government is firm to leave the EU on 31 October and asserted that Donald Trump, whom he met on Tuesday evening at the White House, “was expansive in his warmth for the United Kingdom.”

On his first trip to Washington as UK’s new foreign secretary, Raab explained It was remarkable to hear President Trump speak about our nation in such friendly terms.” He added that there is “colossal trade desire on both sides” for reaching an agreement.”

“America is our sole biggest respective bilateral partners, and President Trump has clarified again that he wishes an aspiring free trade deal with the UK soon. Raab also stated that the UK surely get that done soon after Brexit on 31 October.”

After the joint press conference, Pompeo stated: “We back the United Kingdom’s sovereign decision; However, waiting for Britain to exits the EU soon. Then we’ll surely be at the doorstep, prepared with a pen in hand to sign a free trade deal at the most credible time.” adding that he is confident that when UK will exit from the EU, it would shield the standards of the Good Friday deal in Northern Ireland.

UK’s officials trust that the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s relationship with US President Donald Trump will inevitably over time lead to an excellent bilateral trade agreement.

According to critics a no-deal Brexit with no resolve to what might befall the border between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland probably going to imperil the 1998 peace deal, which depends on the open course of commodities and people.

The US economic alliance with the UK would need to be endorsed by Congress and the Democratic leaders. It would likewise require support from the Irish American Republicans in the House of Representatives. Who has recently cautioned that they would obstruct the agreement if Brexit impacts the Irish borders.

However after the press conference, Pompeo expressed gratitude towards the UK for its choice to join a US-led maritime security division in the Strait of Hormuz, to protect oil tankers following the Iranian seizure of British vessels.

“This is a triumph for significant, viable multilateralism,” he included. Pompeo likewise offered the US thanks for “commitments towards mitigating Iranian-caused affliction in Yemen.”

“We trust that the UK will continue finding a way to consider the Islamic Republic of Iran in charge of its string of harmful conduct,” the secretary of state said. To which Raab said that the UK would continue to make progress and work on making the deal successful. Especially also help minimize tensions in Iran as far as possible.


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