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Pompeo – I would go to Iran if needed



Mike Pompeo stated that he would go to Iran and he’s willing to talk with Tehran to ease the tensions and urged other countries like Britain and Japan to join a force to ensure safe sailing of oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz as the tensions rised last year when Trump withdrew the US from the Iranian nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions on Tehran.

Pompeo added that he would welcome the chance to speak with the Iranian people, during an interview on Bloomberg TV and he also asked several nations to join a maritime plan of action in the Middle East but Japan said that they need a detailed plan on how the operation should work before considering it.

Ali Khamenei has recently said that he would not negotiate with the US as the tensions between the two countries increased over the alleged attack to oil tankers by Iran vessels.

Also, Iran recently tested a new medium-range missile that covered a 1,000 km distance, however, a US defense official said that it was not a threat to any ship or US personnel in the region.

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