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Pompeo Ignores Iraqi Insistence Of American Troop Withdrawal



The United States is not interested in ducking down as Iraq fears an offensive by Iran.

The United States is not interested in ducking down as Iraq fears an offensive by Iran. Iraqi lawmakers are requesting America to withdraw their troops from Iraqi soil, lest Iran might wish to retaliate and attack Iraqi facilities to savor some sort of revenge.

Post the assassination of the top general of Iran by American forces, Iraq had passed a non-binding resolution to oust US troops.  But the White House administration has brushed away the nervous request despite the fact that Iraq’s caretaker prime minister had asked Washington to start working out a road map for an American troop withdrawal.

The caretaker PM seems to have signaled his insistence on ending the US military presence despite recent moves to de-escalate tensions between Iran and the US. Owing to the allegiance that the Iraqi political elite has with Iran, they are well aware of the kind of damage it would do their relationship and equation with Tehran.

Adel Abdul-Mahdi must be obliged to adhere to Iranian requests and demands well aware that a lot of his political tout remained due to ardent political and financial support from Tehran itself. It is also responsible for providing the military know-how to the terrorist group Hezbollah which has a strong representation in the Iraqi parliament.

There are some 5,200 US troops in Iraq assisting and providing training to Iraqi security counter-parts to fight the Daesh group. An American pullout could deeply set back efforts to crush remnants of the group amid concerns of resurgence amid the political turmoil.

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