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Pompeo Subpoenaed Over Ukrainian Documents Of Communication



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Subpoenaed Over Ukrainian Documents

Democrats at the US House of Representatives are not going to stop at anything before they can get to the bottom of how Trump tried to influence the Ukrainian.

President to close quarters in his favour.  Trump has been pulled up for his rather personal phone call to the Ukrainian President for pushing for a probe into the workings of the Democratic hopeful Biden so that he could be thrown on the sidelines before the forthcoming run for the presidency.

Right now, Pompeo is facing the music as he has been subpoenaed by the Democrats over the documents concerning contact with Ukraine government.

The Democrats are now running for an impeachment enquiry against Republic Trump, who, by the way of a whistleblower, is suspected of having used political muscle to take the favour-off Ukraine’s president. The move, it is confirmed, could influence his re-election. But the lawmakers are now saying that Trump’s actions might have jeopardized national security and the integrity of the whole election process in the US.

Meanwhile, the House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Oversight Committees also scheduled depositions for five State Department officials over the next two weeks, including Kurt Volker, Trump’s envoy to Ukraine. Surprisingly, Volker is known to have resigned from his post. The request of the subpoena comes from the committees as Trump’s administration failed the deadline of Thursday to provide the documentation concerning all possible contacts with Ukrainian officials, as well as a July 25 telephone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.  More than 300 former national security officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations are now favouring the impeachment but wisely wording themselves as curious to ‘know more facts, rather than prejudge.’

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