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President Rouhani on his way to New York amid US visa constraints on Iranian delegates and media team



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The United States has not issued visas to Iranian delegates and media team amid tensions between the two nations. As reported by Radio Farda, few of the Hassan Rouhani delegates and the team of journalists won’t be able to accompany him to New York for the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly due to visa restrictions.

The Iranian delegation’s visas were delayed, due to which a couple of days earlier Tehran had said that they might have to cancel the entire trip. However, the Iranian President and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s visa arrived on the last moment. President Rouhani has taken a flight to New York on September 23, with few of his representatives. Radio Farda reported. 

The Iranian President’s delegates who were supposed to accompany him were assigned to coordinate meetings and interviews with the US and other nations’ media outlets. The US has likewise turned down the visa demand for the Iranian government’s media group also. Fars News Agency reported.

The Arab News reports stated that on last Wednesday Rouhani may cancel his trip to the UN General Assembly meeting in New York as the US hadn’t issued any visa for him and his delegates. Meanwhile, Washington had forced similar restrictions on Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s group and issued the visa for just two of his deputies to accompany him during the New York visit.

During President Rouhani’s stay in New York, He is expected to meet with the leaders of Britain, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Pakistan, Iraq, and several other nations. He is likewise booked to have interviews with two significant US news TV channels. Fars News Agency reported.

The Iranian President will be attending a press conference in New York on Thursday early afternoon before leaving for Tehran. Fars news 

The Iranian foreign ministry on Monday dismissed any chances for a meeting between President Rouhani and US President Donald Trump in the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. Fars News Agency reported.

During Trump’s visit to the G7 summit in Biarritz, President Macron stated at a joint press conference with Donald Trump and pointed towards the comments from the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, communicating eagerness to reach anyone if that was in the national interest. 

Trump said in response that he would be prepared to meet if the conditions were correct. He didn’t determine what those conditions would be. Nevertheless, in the G7 summit, he seemed positive that it would be sensible to anticipate a meeting in the UN General Assembly in New York following September.

On September 9, correspondents at the White House asked President Trump if there is any possibility of meeting with the Iranian President, Trump said, “It could occur. It could occur. No issue with me.” 

However, on September 15, President Trump, in his tweet, said, “The Fake News is stating that I am ready to meet with Iran, ‘No Conditions.’ That is an incorrect announcement (as routine!).” The Hill reported.

Before the September 14 assault on Saudi Arabia’s ARMACO oil facilities, there were hopes that President Donald Trump might meet Rouhani in the UN General Assembly, but in the present tense situation, it is profoundly doubtful. Radio Farda reported.

Article Credit:- Radio Farda/Fars News Agency/The Hill

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