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President Trump continues to slams Joe Biden over incompetence and mental sharpness




On Thursday night, US President Donald Trump challenged former Vice President Joe Biden on Twitter, saying “Biden should try the cognitive test which he not only passed but aced in it.”

Speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News on Sunday, Trump in a series of attacks expressed that Biden can’t do interviews, He is incompetent to be president,” and he can’t construct two sentences together. Let Biden sit for an interview likes this and he’ll be on the floor crying for mom,” he included.

Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee likewise centered the entire week on attacking Biden. As per The Hill, Biden has held a steady lead in national polls and leads in figures of key swing states.

Joe Biden promises that he would take strong steps to contain the pandemic and save the US economy, however, asserting that Trump failed in handling both. The elections are four months away, and lately, the numbers of Covid-19 positive cases are increasing day by day.

Biden attacked Trump saying, Mr. President, your ignorance isn’t prudence or an indication of your power — it’s undermining our response to the coronavirus crisis in every step of the way,” he included.

Biden exceeds Trump on each step, with 47% showing trust in his mental competence, 51% accepting he is keen and 52% concur that he has the correct level of judgment.

However, Trump refuses to accept the polls as “phony” and said he is confident that he is going to win the 2020 elections, as Americans are not going to have a man who is incompetent and intellectually shot.”

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