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President Trump’s bizarre suggestion of injecting disinfectants “shocks” medical experts



President Trump's bizarre suggestion of injecting disinfectants "shocks" medical experts

President Donald Trump stunned medical specialists with his new suggestion on coronavirus at the White House coronavirus Task Force press briefing. He suggested the possibility of an injection made of disinfectant and ultraviolet rays or a very powerful light that could fit inside the body and kill the virus from our system.

There was a presentation by the undersecretary for sciences and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, Dr. William Bryan, on the examination of how the infection responds to various temperatures, climates, and surfaces.

Dr. Bryan explained how their department is studying and working on the coronavirus in understanding, developing tools of information to help battle the health crisis. Bryan described how long the virus survives on firm surfaces and air under high temperatures and humidity, and sunlight as well. As per studies, the virus dies very fast in sunlight and UV rays. He shared the studies on certain disinfectants like isopropyl alcohol could kill the virus within 30 seconds, and bleach could kill in it in 5 minutes.

President Trump took to the podium after the presentation by Dr. Bryan, with a peculiar analysis and asking on multiple occasions about the use of light inside the body and injecting disinfectant to destroy the virus. He inquired as to whether there was a method for making an injection to clean inside the body since this sickness hits the lungs. He likewise proposed if the UV rays or harsh light could be brought inside the body through the skin or in some other manner.

After hearing Trump’s strange suggestions, numerous medical experts were puzzled, Robert Reich, at the University of California at Berkeley in his tweet, said, “Trump’s briefings are completely hazardous for public health, please listen to experts and boycott the announcement. Furthermore, alarming people not to drink disinfectant.”

As per researchers and scientists, UV rays of the Sun are invisible and harmful to skin cells. Overexposure of UV rays could cause skin cancer, reduce its natural defenses, and may suppress the immune system, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated.

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