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Prime Minister Narendra Modi: India will hold elections in Jammu and Kashmir soon




Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of Jammu and Kashmir and assured them that elections would be taking place in the state soon.

On Monday, the government of India decided to end the special status provision given to the state of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 since 1954. The Article allowed the state autonomy to have its constitution as well as a separate state flag and right to make laws. Lok Sabha passed the bill to abolish Article 370 and changed Jammu and Kashmir state into two union territories.

On Thursday, evening in a broadcast on TV and radio, After two days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi first time addressed the country following the announcement, Modi painted the transit as one that will benefit the people of Kashmir. For sometime Jammu and Kashmir will remain under the central government, and as soon as the condition of the region improves, elections will be held.

Since Monday, the Jammu and Kashmir was lockdown with curfews and no Internet and no call access. The Indian government has forced a complete shutdown in Kashmir for a fourth straight day, preventing media from reporting about what’s happening there.

Modi assured the people that the curfew would be removed and all the communication services also resumed soon.

He stated that “The people of Jammu and Kashmir will surely get an opportunity to select their minister, their Chief Minister as they have done previously,”  He included that once peace prevails in the district, Jammu and Kashmir would again change into a magnificent place.

Modi stated the administration had decided to abolish Article 370 and 35A of the constitution for the general advancement of the region.

As per Article 35A state legislature defined exclusive rights and privileges to permanent residents, business, ownership of property, due to which other states didn’t have the right to buy land and property in Jammu and Kashmir region.

Prime Minister Modi stated that he is sure that with Article 370 and 35A becoming a history, Jammu and Kashmir will leave its negative impacts.

Modi said the choice to change the status of the state would help the government workers of Jammu and Kashmir to get the advantages in business setups, education, as well as jobs for the youth of Kashmir. He likewise encouraged enormous partnerships, including the technology sector, to put resources into the state and create employment for the people in the region and infrastructure projects to extend in the district.


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