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Protest over Trump’s visit in El Paso, Dayton




US President Donald Trump didn’t receive a warm welcome from the people of EI Paso, Texas (as expected). In fact, the two cities have protested his visit and carried signs saying “racist, go home”.

In Texas, some protestors showed placards of “Go home. You are NOT welcome here!” and “Trump hatred, racism not welcome here”. The same happened in the other city he visited, Dayton, in Ohio.

Citizens held Donald Trump responsible for the attack taken place in El Paso and Dayton in which a total of 31 people died within hours of each other.

Trump with his wife Melania reached to Texas and met staff and victims of the city’s University Medical Center.
The Democrat congresswoman who represents El Paso, Veronica Escobar, refused to meet him. She said Trump “racist and hateful words & actions” had caused pain to her community and her country.

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