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Qatar Acts On A Strategic Post Between Iran and America



The flags of Qatar and United States of America

Of the very few strategist nations, Qatar is the rarest of all. As a tiny but wealthy Arab nation, that has braved the blockade by the Anti-Terror Quartet (ATQ), it has continued to maintain a balance between two rivals- The United States of America and Iran.

This is one reason that despite resistance from the Democrats, Trump has entertained and welcomed the Emir of Qatar with much fanfare. One reason for this can be Trump’s preference for profitability trade on the military side of things. The United States holds its most crucial military base in Qatar. An independent American researcher and journalist, Mark Perry infer as to why is Qatar important as well as a huge threat to America.

“The American military is dependent on Qatar. Without al-Udeid military base in Qatar, the U.S. would have to build a new forward listening post on Iran, relocate Centcom’s forward operating headquarters, and find a different airbase from which to wage its military campaigns in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. America has spent billions building and maintaining al-Udeid, and so has Qatar,” Perry explains.

On the flip side, Qatar has received immense support from Iran when Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt had turned their faces away from it.  With its own agenda in mind, Doha has looked for greener pastures outside the shadows of its middle east allies. Ever since the 1990s, Qatar has tried to assert its desire for an independent position in the world map, away from the controls of the Kingdom.  So, while the blockade kicked in, Qatar found an alternate air and sea passage. It could use Iran’s airspace and shipping routes and circumvented the blockade. Between 2016 and 2017, Iranian exports to Qatar reportedly increased by 181 percent. Iranian-Qatari trade in non-oil commodities is said to have doubled just since March.  It made sense for Iran to come to Qatar’s rescue because of Saudi Arabia, which finds Iran a huge threat to its solidarity.

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