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Qatar Attempts To Incite American Media



Qatar Attempts To Incite American Media

Although it is one of the smallest countries in the world, Qatar is also one of the wealthiest. Unfortunately, it uses its wealth in less than ideal ways. Qatar’s continued support of terrorism has already created problems with other nations. At the same time, Qatar is seemingly involved in subversive activities in other countries, especially the United States of America.

The fact is that Qatar is trying to present a positive image of the country while doing the exact opposite. One of the ways it is trying to do so is by using the American media to show itself as being on the good side. It is also trying to use American media to show that it is a valued ally of USA when it is anything but.

One of the biggest weapons that Qatar has in this regard is Al Jazeera. This news network is owned by the state of Qatar and works to promote the interests of the country. Over the years, Al Jazeera has even showcased the activities of terrorists in a positive manner as those extremists were supported by Qatar. The network has even served as a mouthpiece for terrorist groups including the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

Al Jazeera even went to the lengths of opening up a branch in America called Al Jazeera America. While it was supposedly meant to showcase liberal news, there can be little doubt that it would eventually try to promote Qatar considering the network’s history. However, thankfully, the low popularity of the channel forced Al Jazeera to abandon its plans.


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