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Qatar indirectly is feeding the coffers of Al-Qaeda in Yemen




The civil war in Yemen has transformed into a battle for political and religious power amongst nations that have pushed themselves in the Yemeni territory, with their own free will.

For one the Muslim Brotherhood inspired terrorist organization Al-Qaeda continues to grow its tentacles In Yemen, slowly but firmly, making itself look as the saviour and the ones to resurrect war-devastated Yemeni’s daily life.

Adding more trauma to this injury is the role of another tiny but wealthy Arab nation called Qatar is playing, which is confirmed to be funding Al-Qaeda in order its long term mission of a global caliphate can be met.

Qatar poses not to be funding terrorism, but it is, in fact, doing everything possible through its fictitious religious NGOs and charities functioning worldwide that have created a seamless mechanism to get funds across to all the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate terrorist organisations worldwide.

Undeniably, terrorist activity cannot be carried out without heavy funding and loaded coffers. This constant pumping of economic funds in order to complete their mandated tasks has been carried out by Doha under the guise of the Reform Party, as announced by the Paris Forum of Peace and Development held in March 2018. In the symposium entitled Counterterrorism in Yemen, the forum presented a report accusing Qatar of funding Al-Qaeda members in the most creative manner.  Qatar has posed to be paying a ransom of large amounts while the members of the Emir’s family were apparently kidnapped. The money was siphoned into hidden accounts to reach militia in Syria and Yemen.  In another incident, Qatar posed to be paying another ransom where the Gulf state pretended it to be innocent money being spent to liberate Swiss Silvia Earhart in March 2012. Of course, the money was paid through the Brotherhood mediation through the Islah Party.

Further digging by the media has shown that almost 90 per cent of Qatari funds to the European Union was channelled to Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated projects worldwide.

It has also come to light that a charity fund called the Qatar Charity that has a centre in England was receiving money in the name of relief to help orphans of Afghan war, were being systematically distributed throughout Europe for a larger agenda to be met.  While the funding is done in a legalized manner, the way the money is being utilized is not to be seen anywhere. Most of the money is donated under the guise of building mosques, educational facilities etc. However, once it reaches the coffers of the Muslim Brotherhood, how it is utilized, is not something Doha would like to delve in or disclose. Its main purpose is to become a world influencer and show financial power, even it means funding of terrorism worldwide.


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