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Qatar Intel Could Have Prevented Oil Attacks In Saudi Arabia



Qatar’s intelligence had information about attacks at Gulf of Oman

In a stark revelation, one media house claims that Qatar’s intelligence had information about attacks at Gulf of Oman where Iran was instrumental. But Qatar never informed its allies. A report exclusive to Fox News claims that Qatar had prior knowledge of the May 12 attack of two Saudi tankers, a Norwegian tanker and a UAE bunkering ship near the port of Fujairah in the vital waterway, which connects the Strait of Hormuz to the Indian Ocean, near the United Arab Emirates.

Strangely, the elements of the civilian government of Iran, as well as the State of Qatar, were aware of many of the above-mentioned acts of terrorism but never reported the same to France, Britain or the US either.

Of these attacks, the IRGC-Quds Forces Naval unit is said to be responsible for the Fujairah Port attacks.

Qatar is unlike its counterparts in the Middle East. It’s a small rich nation which prefers to work and attack in a sly manner without really the opponent knowing who is the enemy. Recent reports have confirmed that Qatar has been eying a major role as a supplier of Liquid Petroleum Gas and this became evident as it quit from the OPEC brotherhood and decided to go solo.

Having done this, it could now work independent of scrutiny of OPEC linchpin Saudi Arabia, its arch-rival. This is being seen as one reason why Qatar did not disclose crucial intel pertaining to the oil attacks.

Qatar would wish to strengthen what is call sell most- natural gas. Currently, green fuel is the buzzword. World environmental policies are advocating for cleaner natural gas as the go-to fuel to reduce emissions and back-up intermittent wind and solar power.   

Another reason for Qatar’s non-supportiveness to sharing information with NATO nations could Doha’s long-standing support to Islamic militia. A detailed

Western report has been submitted to the French government and is under investigation for authenticity.

It clearly questions Qatar’s sense of responsibility towards its partner nations.

When asked for a comment, the Qatar government has always been forthcoming to make their presence felt and did give out a statement. The spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it “had no advance knowledge of the attack on commercial vessels in the Gulf of Oman on May 12, 2019.”

Now, Britain, the US, and France have reasons to question Qatar’ motives behind withholding important intel which could have prevented a lot of prior damage to public property in these nations as well as in the middle east.

It is now clear that Qatar will do whatever it takes to keep itself prominent on the map. It has decided to wisely increase its gas production 45% in the coming years to stave off a quickly emerging group seeking to expand market share, namely Australia, the U.S., and Russia – and potentially Canada and even Mozambique. Qatar has felt insulted of being ousted by a few of its neighboring nations. It definitely does not want to remain a ghost in the dark and is going to all possible lengths to ensure its presence is felt prominently on the global map.


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