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Qatar’s ambassador to the Republic of Nepal, Yousif Bin Mohamed Al-Hail is violating rights of Nepali migrant workers



Qatar's ambassador to the Republic of Nepal, Yusif bin Muhammad al-Khail, robbed many Nepalese immigrants through a recruitment agency.

Qatar’s ambassador to the Republic of Nepal, Yousif Bin Mohamed Al-Hail, robbed many Nepalese immigrants through a recruitment agency.  It turned out that the Qatari ambassador hired Nepalese citizens through Sky Overseas Services, a recruiting company in Nepal.  Al-hail.  Each employee was offered a monthly salary of $ 400.  But later, from the administrative office of Sky Overseas Services, which is located in Kathmandu, it turned out that Nepalese employees are paid only $ 100 per month.

 In Qatar, about 90 percent of the permanent population are labor migrants, despite this, working conditions and attitudes towards workers leave much to be desired.  Terrible working conditions, recruitment fraudulently for the first time forced the FIFA committee to pay attention to violations in the draft World Cup in Qatar.

 Another scandal involving recruitment led by a Qatari security company over the work of an employment company in Nepal.  The Nepalese Employment Agency has committed to employing 600 Nepalese citizens, each with a salary of $ 1,500 per month.  Although Qatar had previously stated that they did not charge a recruitment fee, the security company based in Qatar clearly stated that each applicant nominated for the company had to pay $ 9,000 to start their work.  This means that 600 employees paid a total of more than $ 5 million to Qatar’s ambassador in the form of a hiring fee just to get started.

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Labor revised the law and expanded the rights of foreign workers on October 25, 2017.  Qatar made this decision, not only being held hostage by the political situation (the country’s relations with other Arabian monarchies have deteriorated sharply in recent months), but also under pressure from human rights defenders and the International Trade Union Confederation.

The new labor law provides for the following steps.  Employment contracts will be concluded with the participation of a civil service representative – in order to avoid fraud with the terms of employment (usually leading to underestimation of wages).  In addition, the employer will no longer be able to prevent the migrant worker from leaving the country.  The new law fixes the establishment of a minimum wage for a foreign worker.  Temporary documents (work visa, work permit, residence permit) will be issued directly by the state, and the migrant will not need to give his ID to the employer.  In addition, it is planned to create special committees in the field to resolve conflicts and resolve complaints.  The law will affect more than 2 million foreigners working or intending to work in the kingdom.

 Despite the so-called reforms, the situation with the situation of labor migrants has not changed much.

 The situation of workers in Qatar includes the following forms of violations:

 • dirty and cramped living quarters,

 • high fees of recruitment specialists at home (from 500 to 4,000 US dollars) who help with finding employment in Qatar,

 • false information about the salary and the job offered (the salary of all men except six was lower than promised upon arrival at the place, sometimes half),

 • a delay in wages for several months, which has a significant financial and emotional impact on workers already burdened with large debts,

 • non-issuance or non-renewal by employers of temporary residence permits, which causes a risk of detention and deportation due to violation of the regime of stay in the country,

 • confiscation by employers of passports and the issue of exit permits so that workers do not leave the country,

 • threats in response to complaints about working conditions.

 Thus, now all violations occur with the support of Qatari officials.  Qatar’s ambassador to Nepal is directly a member of schemes that openly deceive and rob Nepalese.

Qatar officials have not responded to the scandal related to the study of working conditions and the deceit of a recruiting company.  But at the same time, more and more Nepal citizens continue to be involved in their schemes.

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