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Records Released To Ethics Watchdog Show Official Contact Trial With Ukraine



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Documents released by the State Department to an ethics watchdog American Oversight after a freedom of information request is now confirming details about Trump’s administrative dealings with Ukraine.

American Oversight got the State Department to release nearly 100 pages of records in response to their lawsuit.  Amongst various pieces of communication back and forth, documents also include emails that confirm multiple contacts in March of 2019 between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, at least one of which was facilitated by President Trump’s assistant Madeleine Westerhout.

Mr. Donald Trump is under an impeachment enquiry of not only withhold important aid to Ukraine but for misusing his power at the White House to condone the Ukraine PM to investigate the lives of Joe Biden and his son, who have known to have done work in personal capacity with Ukrainian oil and gas companies.

It has also been confirmed that the Congress approved aid to Ukraine was withheld as a blackmail tactic into investigating his political rival Joe Biden.

The documents bring to light wrongdoing by Trump’s personal lawyer. Rudy Giuliani has been accused of trying to discredit former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch while running a shadow US foreign policy on Ukraine.

Records also now prove that Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Rudolph Giuliani repeatedly spoke to one another – although the topics of those conversations remain unknown.

Earlier, Pompeo refused to be subpoenaed and also share documents, which would have easily, show a trail of his conversations with Giuliani. While Giuliani has been holding on to the fact that he was acting in the capacity of the responsibility he holds for his client and nothing more.

Last week, a respected official and former Russian adviser to Trump, Fiona Hill had already warned the lawmakers to not give undue weight to Russian propaganda of pinning all wrongdoing to Ukraine itself. In fact, US intelligence has reasons to believe that the Ukraine calls were just a tactic to take the focus off the real problem of election meddling in the hands of Russia, which it plans to take up in 2020 again.


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