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Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia Struggle to get Support of other EU Nations to Become Part of Schengen Zone



Schengen zone

Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia complaint against the discriminatory behaviour of certain members of the Schengen zone, especially France, Germany and Netherlands as the two does not support visa free movement of their citizens in the zone. The Schengen area is a the largest visa-free travel area in the world, as its 26 member nations have officially abolished all passport and other border controls. 

Of late, Dacian Ciolos, a Romanian Member of the European Parliament posted a video sharing his 20-hour long journey from Bucharest to Brussels, wherein he had to spend hours to get security clearances.

Dragoș Tudorache, another Romanian Member of the European Parliament (RENEW), said, “What has been happening over the last two months for all EU citizens, has been happening for the citizens of Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia for the last 12 years, 13 years.”

Romania and Bulgaria formally became part of the European Union in 2007, while Croatia in 2013, but the they are still waiting to be get admission into the Schengen area. Some EU member nations, including France, Germany and Netherlands, have raised concern over their inclusion into the area, due to rule of law concerns. 

European Union Vice-President Margaritis Schinas, in response to complaint filed by the Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia said that “there is no room for discrimination” adding that these countries felt the discrimination as they were not part of the Schengen zone. The leaders of these nations have started questioning the Union, that till when would they need to wait to become a member, as they have already fulfilled all the conditions required to be part of the borderless area.

France called the inclusion of these nation into free travel zone, a major security threat as it said it would provide a free pass to immigrants from non-EU countries to freely enter Europe through Romania and Bulgaria or Croatia. Besides, in the past, French leaders have also raised concerns over illegal Roma camps, which they felt could create social problems and increase crime rate. 


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