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Salvini is a coward – EU MP Magid Magid



Magid Magid, a new British representative in the European Parliament criticized Salvini, leader of the far-right italian party Lega, and called him a coward before a meeting of EU ministers on the migrant problem.

Magid has been critical of Salvini’s actions againts migrant rescues in the Mediterranean and said
“Mr Salvini is a coward who boasts about detaining and arresting a lifesaver; a coward who decides to make an enemy of the victims of war and those who are being dispossessed.”

Magid came in the UK in 1994 as achild refugee from Somalia and has been elected as a Sheffield Mayor before to be elected in the EU Parliament.

He defended the Sea Watch captain Carola Rakete, that was a criminal according to Salvini, and was arrested by the Italian government in June for taking 40 migrants in Lampedusa despite a ban.

Magid told Salvini that ‘you are all going to lose’.

Salvini wants to send the ships back to Libya but charities said that would be against the law as Libya is not a safa place as there have been bombings on migrant centers, killing dozens. Also they argue that Italy is breaching maritime laws for not providing safe ports for rescuers as Salvini says that the ships encourages smugglers and that Italy is alone managing the arrivals for the rest of Europe.


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