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Should the United States follow Sweden’s strategy to combat COVID-19?




The impact of coronavirus pandemic on the global economy has been drastic with shutting down of businesses, millions losing their jobs and applying for unemployment benefits since the start of the lockdown. However, various think tanks and economists have suggested many ideas to revive the economy.

One of them for example is presently being implemented in Sweden. Instead of strict lockdown measures during Covid-19, Swedish authorities have urged residents to work from home if possible, and not assemble in gatherings more than 50. Elementary schools remain open as well as restaurants. As per the experimental formula, this measure will infect only people who will have mild infections; however, currently no one in the world can guarantee it.

Authorities in Sweden have explained that their point is to slow the pace of the coronavirus infection, and not to overwhelm hospitals.According to Tom Frieden, MD, former head of the CDC, the United States shouldn’t even attempt to follow Sweden’s example as that would backfire and result in more deaths in the nation because of the virus.

A month ago, on 17 April, President Donald Trump declared Federal guidelines to re-open the United States in a three-phase plan and expressed that it’s a steady procedure. However, health experts doubted that re-opening the economy would be a hazardous move amid the surge of new cases in numerous states.

As per health experts, the coronavirus is an exceptionally infectious disease, currently many patients are asymptomatic. Fears are that the contamination will continue spreading until a preventive vaccine or worldwide immunity is reached. As the coronavirus death toll exceeds 70,000 in the United States, President Trump in a press conference admits that re-opening states may cost more

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