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Social Media Exposes Pro Terrorist Attitude of Emir of Qatar



If Qatar continues to come under scanner for its relations with extremist groups, Muslim Brotherhood or terrorism militia, there are fresh reasons for it.

Termed as the ‘Founder of Destruction’, an independent artist

over social media has openly shown how the Emir of Qatar has been pro- terrorism and everything he does is tothat objective.

While in the past Qatar has been a long standing ally of the US, it has done so many things that it has proven its alliance with pro-terrorist groups. A recent selection of videos and posts by an independent artist Ethan Scott is bringing all this to light. This artist has taken Tamim of Qatar as the main protagonist and doer of all this mahem.


The artist has openly shown how Tamim of Qatar has promoted the terrorist groups worldwide and been a party to world unrest. He has indirectly and in some cases directly, funded terrorism.

No wonder, he has been termed by people who have worked with him as ‘people savvy, careful, and calculating’.

Qatar is known to have (for many years) openly financed Hamas, a group that continues to undermine regional stability. This cannot be done without the knowhow of the Emir. Press reports regularly, have indicated that the Qatari government is also supporting extremist groups operating in Syria.


The obvious distrust has been building worldwide. It arose from Qatar’s support for the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood; its close relationship with groups such as the Taliban and certain al-Qaeda affiliates; and its relationship with Iran, which has most recently led to allegations from Saudi Arabia that the state-funded broadcaster

Al Jazeera is supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen fighting government forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


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