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Somalia: Weak Government and Internal Conflicts



Somalia: Weak Government and Internal Conflicts

In recent years, the Horn of Africa has become a hotbed of conflicts and other events that merit in-depth analyses. One of the states in the region that never seems to be free from one sort of conflict or the other is Somalia. In fact, there was a point when Somalia was one of the most dangerous and most unstable regions in the entire continent of Africa. While several factors where responsible for this condition, the major reasons were undoubtedly the weak Somali government and the continual interventions from foreign powers.

The fact is that Somalian Presidents have made several promises over the years but few, if any at all, have been fulfilled. It is easy to see the promises as nothing more than slogans designed to strengthen their rule for assessing the international appeal of Somalia. The current president of Somalia, Mohammed Abdullah Farmago, seems to be keeping up with the trend set by his predecessors. No progress has been made under his watch in the security of the country. He has even failed to improved living conditions for the Somali citizens. More importantly, it has been noticed that Al Shabaab crimes has increased under his rule. In fact, a recent threat by Al Shabaab led to the closure of Somali stadiums.

The president truly believes that a Turkish base in Somalia can help improve his country’s security and fight terrorism. However, he doesn’t realize how mistaken he is. It is obvious to most that Turkey is not at all interested in using its forces for helping Somalia. Instead, Turkey aims to forge strong relationship with the country and bolster its strategic presence in the African continent. Gaining control to the seaports and airports in Somalia helps its strategy considerably.

Additionally, one must also note that Turkey has a major strategic alliance with Qatar. According to the terms of the alliance, leaders of both countries are in agreement with the establishment of a Turkish military base in Qatar. The president of Somalia seems to have become interested in the arrangement. He is reportedly planning a visit to Qatar for getting military and financial support. However, he fails to realize that all of these efforts are being taken to block Saudi efforts in the war-torn region of Yemen.

In Somalia, the primary link to Turkey and Qatar is Fahd Yasin, a shadowy figure considered to be a kingmaker by some. Yasin was once the manager of Al Jazeera, a Qatari channel, Mogadishu. It is known that Yasin has considerable personal ambitions. It is also believed that Yasin is linked to the Qatari intelligence and promotes Qatar’s agenda and interests in Mogadishu.

Yasin has claimed that a few Gulf countries have violated Somalia’s sovereignty using the tripartite agreement on the Berbera port as an example. The agreement saw the port being divided among the Ethiopian government (19%), Somaliland (30%) and UAE-controlled DP World (51%). This deal has led to a deterioration of relations between the governments.

As such, it is easy to understand, based on the above points, that President Farmago has no control over the direction that his country is heading towards. He is fully under the grasp of Qatari temptations and Turkish interventions. This may end up pushing Somali towards another civil war in the future.


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