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Sondland Confirms Pushing For Ukraine Investigations For Trump



American Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland

American Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland has reasons to plainly criticize Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani. The key figure in the presidential impeachment inquiry, Sondland has confirmed that he had urged Ukraine to announce investigations over Biden and his son, “at the express directions” of Mr. Donald Trump.

Unlike what Trump had said earlier in the investigation Sondland has testified that there was actually a “quid pro quo” between a White House meeting for the new Ukrainian president and the investigations Mr. Trump sought.

Sondland also explained in detail it was his belief that nearly $400 million in aid to Ukraine had been linked to those probes, something that has been twisted and turned around.  In earlier stances, Trump had said that he was just ensuring the money was not being misused by the current Ukraine governance, as Ukraine has had a history of corruption and money related malpractices.

Sondland’s testimony makes strong ground for Mr. Donald Trump’s impeachment to come through. He has also revealed crucial communication that links U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo more deeply than previously into the Ukraine controversy.  In fact, Pompeo was working hard to ensure that

Ukraine could announce investigations that would benefit Mr. Trump politically.

Sondland’s altered testimony is being criticized by Republicans and being appreciated as crucial evidence by the Democrats. Mr. Sondland now becomes the fifth official to publicly testify apart from Laura Cooper, a Pentagon official, who has said that Ukraine inquired about the frozen security on July 25, the day of the Trump-Zelensky call.


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