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Speculation of a “new coup” in Turkey



Speculation of a "new coup" in Turkey

Turkish media have spoken of an imminent coup attempt in the country, raising questions about the matter.

The media talk came after the US military research center “Rand” issued a report on Turkey a few days ago, in which it expressed concern about the possibility of a new coup in Turkey “at some point” due to discontent within the armed forces.

The report said that after Erdogan’s attempted coup d’état, Erdogan deliberately changed the ranks of the army, including the dismissal of many high-ranking officers.

For example, 46 percent of officers who hold the rank of major general from the land, navy and air forces were referred to retirement or dismissed from employment.

In addition to these, more than 15 thousand military personnel were dismissed from their job, which caused great damage to the Turkish army, especially his morale, strategic and tactical ability.

The report said that middle-ranking officers are frustrated about their military leadership and fear that the purges will affect them, considering that this matter has produced discontent that may translate into a new coup.

Erdogan has tried to bridge the shortfall in the army by appointing loyalists to him, which is seen as a politicization of an institution that is supposed to stay out of politics.

The Turkish pro-Erdogan media picked up the report and acted to exaggerate it, speaking about it as imminent, and so did Erdogan’s AK Party officials.

The leader of the ruling party, Kahit Ozkan, said in a statement that the possibility of the coup is very likely, stressing that “it is the duty of our government to take the right and appropriate steps to think about it and eliminate potential threats.”

The journalist wrote in the pro-government newspaper “Sabah”, Melih Altinuk, an article entitled “Rumors of the coup”, in which he said that Erdogan is the greatest guarantee for the stability of the Turkish Republic in the face of any coup, accusing the opposition of promoting the coup in order to achieve political gains.

“We are vigilant against any coup attempt,” he added.

In turn, Ibrahim Kargul wrote in the newspaper “Yeni Shafak” an article in which he said that the imminent coup represented an opportunity for President Erdogan’s opponents, whom he described as supporters of foreign intervention.

He added that the new coup will not be traditional, but rather depends on a new model aimed at dividing Erdogan’s party and forming a political alliance that will be the back of this coup.

In his article, the writer launched the attack of the former Turkish president, Erdogan’s companion, Abdullah Gul, who is seeking to form a political party competing with Erdogan and his party.

It appears that Erdogan’s government used the report to strengthen its grip on the military, as the authorities ordered, on Tuesday, the arrest of 700 people, including 157 military personnel, in the latest episode of the “cleansing” campaign targeting government employees.

Member of the opposition Republican People’s Party, Bulent Kocoglu, said speculation that the pro-government media are reiterating about the imminence of a new coup is only a tactic to conceal the collapse of the AKP’s experience and the failure of the one-man rule.

Cushoglu added, according to what the Turkish “Ahwal” website reported, that there could not be another coup attempt under the control of the Turkish government over all state institutions, including the army, intelligence, the judiciary, and the media.

He believed that the Erdogan government is using the media to create an image that suggests the risk of a coup.

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