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Taiwan’s foreign minister blares warning over China, calls it the probable “next Hong Kong”




China doesn’t seem to shy away from spreading its jurisdiction to countries in the Asia Pacific region, at least that is what the experts say – the latest probable target being Taiwan. On Tuesday, the island’s foreign minister Joseph Wu warned of China trying to make Taiwan the next Hong Kong in his meeting with senior US diplomatic official.

Since the controversial National Security Law was imposed in Hong Kong in June, the crackdown on protestors has magnified as opposition leaders and protestors continue to get arrested and disqualified.

Ever since the sweeping rule was imposed on Hong Kong, tension and shiver down the spine can be felt by leaders and people of Taiwan, the self-ruled island with a population of 23 million, that Beijing claims as its own and has vowed to bring it under its direct jurisdiction, even by force if necessary.

In a meeting with US Health Secretary Alex Azar in Taipei as a part of historic diplomatic trip, Mr. Wu said that Taiwan is living in a constant fear of Beijing taking away the freedom of people. He said, “Our daily lives have become increasingly difficult as China continues to pressure Taiwan into accepting its political conditions, conditions that will turn Taiwan into the next Hong Kong.”

Mr. Azar is on a three-day diplomatic visit to Taiwan. This visit is being called the biggest visit from US since 1979 when it changed its diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China. This trip from US diplomat is timed when the relations between Beijing and Washington are turning sour with increasing conflicts leading to relations going tumult on various issues, like pandemic, military, trade and national security.

In a recent escalation from China, Beijing sent fighter jets on Monday to Taiwan-China de facto border that lies at the Taiwan Strait. This happened few hours before Azar met Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen.


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