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Theresa May’s Decision Backed by the Cabinet



Theresa May’s Decision Backed by the Cabinet

Theresa May’s warnings were backed by the cabinet unanimously. The Prime Minister warned the chemical attacks in Syria will not remain unchallenged. The warning paved a path for the participation of the British to act against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The senior minister agreed to the fact that, the Syrian government was involved in conducting the chemical attack in Douma which killed nearly 75 people.

The British Prime Minister had a talk with President Donald Trump about the crisis in Syria. Both the leaders agreed to act together as to give an international response to the barbaric act. The leaders of Britain and the United States focused on there should not be any more attacks in Syria which would harm the civilians.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, criticized the government as it did wait for the instructions from the US. Corbyn said the government in Britain is waiting for the instructions from President Trump on what will be their path of action. But the administration at the US is giving opposite signals.

The cabinet meeting went on for two hours where the ministers chalked out their further actions. US and France would also act with Britain.This would be done to prevent the Syrian government to launch another inhuman attack.

Trump was expected to speak to Emmanuel Macron, the French president on what will be their course of action. Washington said the final course of action has not been decided yet. Britain wants to play the central role if any action is being taken and not just support US and France.

Theresa May will consult the parliament before any coordinated military action surfaces because without the consultation from the opposition parties anger can be provoked in the opposition benches which would, in turn, divide the public.


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