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Third Party Fact Checker Pulls Up Conservative Party For Altering Headlines In Social Media Adverts



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The British Governing party has been accused of playing around with a BBC news article for use in their advertisements on social media platforms. This was confirmed by a Facebook third-party fact-checker.

Full Fact is a UK based fact-checking charity. In January 2019, the company’s website shared how they would begin ‘fact-checking images, videos and articles on Facebook, in a bid to slow the spread of misinformation on people’s news feeds.’

They shared how UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party has tweaked the content of a certain article published by BBC and presenting it through advertisements funded on Facebook.  The advertisements automatically link to the altered BBC article. Reports confirm that the apparently altered headline reads as ‘£14 billion pound cash boost for schools’ while the original headline reads as ‘School spending: Multi-billion pound cash boost announced.’

Full Fact is part of the third-party fact-checking program created by Facebook to fight misinformation on the platform.

Speaking to the media, Chief Executive, Will Moy has shared that,“ We have been scrutinizing online advertising ahead of a possible snap election in the country.  It is wrong for the work of independent journalists to be altered in this way and misleading for readers.”

Facebook will have to set some kind of a mechanism that such kind of alterations of original materials can be avoided.

When spoken to BBC did say that it never altered the original headline and Facebook admitted that this might have happened at the request of the client, at the time of running the ads.

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