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Thousands march in Hong Kong district defying police ban



Thousands of people marched Saturday in Hong Kong defying a police ban as their presence was a danger to the local danger that could spark confrontation.

The demonstrator went on protesting, defying police refusal to grant permission to them, against the unknown assilants wearing white clothes to oppose the pro-democracy movement wearing black.

The protesters were holding umbrellas, to recall the 2014 Occupy Central protest, and this helped the demonstrators to hide their identity to police cameras and was used as a shield against tear gas.

A man was arrested in Yuen Long hours before the march for hurting another with a knife.

Hong Kong is in turmoil since last month for the protest against the extradition bill to China that was suspended. But the demonstrators are asking for an investigation on alleged police brutality, a new legislature and the demand for the direct elections.


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