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Trade war: Trump’s clock is ‘running out’



‘The clock is running out for President Donald Trump for the resolution of the trade war, and there will be some long term damages for the economy’ Republican Senator Ron Johnson told on Sunday to Fox News.

“We need to conclude these deals, because some of this damage will be long term. You might see manufacturing start moving overseas to, for example, supply their overseas customers with a mini manufacturing business.”

However, Johnson said that the governmen is willing to suffer the ‘short-term pain caused by the trade tensions’ and ‘We have not been treated fairly by trading partners’ pointing to China, Europe and Mexico.

He admits that the tariffs are hitting the consumers but he’s praising Trump for using this tactics to convince Mexico to act harder on the illegal immigration situation, that seemed to work because and agreement has been signed on Friday as Mexico would take additional steps to curb the flow of migrants.

Many Republicans have admitted that Trump’s tariffs will cause harm to US economy and consumer and the President repeatedly disagreed saying that countries like China pay the additional tariffs that his administration added on imports. This is false as the levies are paid by American importers, so price rises for consumers,

Larry Angler, a farmer in IOWA told CNN that he will lose between 100.000 and 150.000 dollars due to Trump’s trade war with China and he said he voted for Trump.

Trump announced that Mexico has ‘agreed to immediately begin buying large quantities of agricultural product from our great patriot farmers!’ but Mexican Ambassador Martha Barcena didn’t say much about the deal.

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