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Trump blames Macron for sending ‘blended signals’ to Iran



U.S. President Donald Trump stated on Thursday that nobody is entitled to speak to Iran in behalf of the United States, and he blamed the French President Emmanuel Macron for sending “blended signals” to Tehran over potential talks.

On Thursday, Trump made a series of Tweets in which he stated that he knows Emmanuel means well and other countries also do, but nobody addresses in behalf of the United States but the United States itself.

It was not promptly clear what Trump was indicating towards; however, the White House declined to remark. Later in the news this week that stated Macron had invited Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to meet Trump in the G7 summit. A French diplomat declined the announcement on Wednesday.

Many European leaders are attempting to alleviate the growing dispute among Tehran and Washington after Trump hauled the Iran atomic deal a year ago and reiterated sanctions to push a new agreement under the U.S. Republican president.

Tehran replied in a series of retaliation by seizing British oil tanker in the Gulf region. As well as withdrawing from its duties to limit its nuclear exercise made under the agreement.

The pressure is going to be a center of discussion at the G7 summit later this month. Trump and his government officials have earlier stated that Trump is open to having a word with Iran, added that United States is not in favor of war with Iran.


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