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Trump condems slavery amid tensions for his remarks




Donald Trump recently criticized for his attacks on four congresswomen of colour, known as ‘the squad’, condemned slavery during the 400th anniversary of the first legislative assembly where he honoured the first people to form a government that would become the US.

Trump said: “It was the beginning of a barbaric trade of human lives,”.  “Today, in honour, we remember every sacred soul who suffered the horrors of slavery and the anguish of bondage.”. He also quoted Martin Luther King while honouring the African-American contribution to US history.

Recently, Trump has been under fire for his incendiary remarks on four Democratic congresswomen of colour and the blasting of the politician Elijah Cummings for not doing a good job in his city, Baltimore, that the president described as ‘rat-rodent infested’.

This caused a lot of controversy in Virginia where the president has been called racist and against the marginalised communities with his ‘xenophobic rhetoric’ by the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.

Trump’s speech was briefly interrupted by Ibraheem Samirah, Democratic Virginia Delegate, who had a sign that read: Go back to your corrupted home. Deport hate. Reunite my family and all those shattered by systemic discrimination.”

He also took on Twitter later to say that the president is ‘unfit for office and for a celebration of democracy’.

Virginia Republican party replied to Samirah comments saying that he’s being anti-Semitic.


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