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Trump postpones Denmark trip after PM Frederiksen states, ‘Greenland isn’t for sale’



Mette Frederiksen

Donald Trump has dropped his visit to Denmark and suspended his meetings with the Danish PM after she noted that Greenland was not available to be purchased.

 On Sunday, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated that talks for purchasing the island, a semi-autonomous Danish territory, “an illogical discussion.”

In a tweet on Tuesday evening, the US president stated that since Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had “no enthusiasm for talking about the bargaining Greenland,” Meanwhile, he had chosen to delay their meeting.

“Denmark is an extremely extraordinary nation with unbelievable people, yet based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s remarks, that she would have no enthusiasm for addressing the purchase of Greenland, I will delay our meeting planned for about two weeks for some other point,” he stated.

The sudden change of plan comes after Trump’s proposition to purchase Greenland was generally discounted as unfeasible and unwelcome. Local inhabitants have called the thought “insane” and “belittling.”

Frederiksen, who has been visiting the island to meet its head, Kim Kielsen, told columnists on Sunday that Greenland couldn’t be sold because it didn’t apply to Denmark.

“Greenland isn’t Danish. Greenland is Greenlandic. I steadily trust this isn’t something that is truly implied,” she stated to the international media.

The thought has come up previously: the US offered Denmark $100m to purchase Greenland in 1946 after the possibility of a land swap with Alaska was refused.

The US later consented to keep up an airbase in northern Greenland, Thule air forces base, that was initially structured as a refuelling base for long-range bombardiers.

During Frederiksen visit to Greenland, the Danish premier said, she believes that time has arrived to forget the joke.

“Fortunately, the time where you trade different nations is over. We should drop it there. Jokes apart, we will love to have a much closer vital association with the United States,” she stated.

Trump has yielded that adding Greenland to his real estate assets isn’t a need for his administration. “Strategically it’s intriguing, and we’d be interested, yet we’ll converse with them a little. It’s No one on the heater; I can disclose to you that,” Trump stated columnists on Sunday.


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