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Trump Remains Oblivious to Qatar’s Propaganda Strategy in American Universities



While Trump has been lauding and praising Qatar for its large investments in the United States, his Education Department has suspiciously been looking into the large sums of donations that have been coming from Doha to specifically four American Universities.

These include Georgetown and three other universities — Texas A&M, Cornell and Rutgers. Apparently, these universities had failed to tell federal officials about certain gifts and contracts from foreign sources (Qatar being the major donor) as federal law requires, according to letters obtained by a media house.

Education officials, it is confirmed, began their crackdown after a congressional panel in February 2019 said that the department was failing to oversee foreign funding to U.S. schools.

That panel focused solely on China, saying Beijing’s gifts aimed to buy influence in U.S. classrooms. It did not mention Qatar. However confirmed reports have suggested that Qatar, the little but rich nation that has been growing despite an embargo from its neighbouring nations, seems to have vested interests in sending so much funding to the American universities.


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