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Trump says, Kim Jong Un’s sent a ‘beautiful letter’ and possibilities for another meeting



'beautiful letter

On Friday, President Donald Trump said he had recently got a “beautiful letter” from North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un and added that he could have another meeting with him.

Addressing correspondents, Trump did not say when such a meeting may happen. North Korea has been testing missiles despite the meeting among Trump and Kim at which the two consented to resuscitate slowed down working-level discussions.

Trump told journalists, “It was an exceptionally positive letter,” he said. “I guess we’ll have another meeting. He indeed composed an excellent, three-page – I mean incredible through and through – an extremely delightful letter.

Trump and Kim have met earlier multiple times to discuss ways to determine crisis regarding North Korea’s atomic and nuclear programs. However, advancement has been inadequate on Washington’s point of getting the North Korea pioneer to give up his weapon tests. Trump said, Kim had stated that he was “unhappy” about the missile tests, which he announced were a reaction to the U.S.- South Korean military drills being held this month. Trump said he had “never been an enthusiast” of the war games cause he doesn’t like paying for it. We ought to be repaid for it; he conveyed the same to South Korea.


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