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Trump Sells The Same Dream To Farmer Community



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Trump is banking on his popularity amongst the farmer community in America.

He has recently assured the American farmers and ranchers that he has finally salvaged the situation.

The American farmers were badly hit by the protracted tariff war when the Trump administration entered a trade war with China.  America has finally signed the first phase of an agreement with China that will now lead to major purchases of U.S. agricultural products.

Showing great pride over support from farmers and ranchers, Trump was speaking at the annual American Farm Bureau Federation convention in Austin.

A significant reason for Trump having signed the deal could be to suit his own personal needs. He has asserted that the deal would be a boon for farmers, whom he thanked for sticking with him after he twice had to allocate multibillion-dollar bailouts for producers targeted by Chinese tariffs.

Under the Phase-1 deal, China has now promised to purchase at least an additional $12.5 billion worth of agricultural goods in 2020 and at least $19.5 billion over the 2017 level of $24 billion in 2021. Lara Takenaga reported in the New York Times how the American farmers have been adversely affected by the Trump fallout with China. It was not easy for them.

Amidst the trade war, China pushed back against the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. They started looking for alternative markets. Sales of certain American agricultural products decreased miserably, burning holes in the pockets of the producers and farmers in turn. Farm bankruptcies and loan delinquency rose over 2019. But surprisingly, the farmer community seemed to be mesmerized with the Trump dream.

The euphoria has not died and Trump continues to bank over this. He has played with the dreams and sensibilities of his vote bank and plans to do it again, while he experiments dangerously and precariously with trade relations with many countries across the globe. While the impeachment proceedings are heating up and mounting pressure to actually get him off his power seat, Trump continues to keep the magic alive.

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