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Trump State Wins Might Not Get Him In The Election Race Afterall



President Donald Trump

Republicans aka GOP are not having a great impact on the American population after all. This has become even more evident after the solid victory that Democrats have reported in Virginia and then Kentucky this week.

Political analysts are right in suggesting that Trump’s campaigning power looks limited ahead of the forthcoming 2020 national elections. What has not gone in the favour of Republicans is that they have lost both the House of Delegates and the Virginia state Senate.  GOP’s win in the states like Mississippi and Kentucky have gone in the background thereafter.

Democrats have taken over the legislation in Virginia and secured the governor’s position in Kentucky. Trump’s 11th hour twitter messages and rally efforts did not move the crowd in the least at Kentucky, something that was evident with Democrats taking away the governor’s position.

Trump has failed to keep the worry of the common American on top of his agenda, making it difficult for him now, to win the trust and therefore vote in the favour of the Republicans. The latter had secured a governor win in Mississippi and another red state, places where Trump has had strong campaign music playing. But the crucial ones to give it a run for its money remains Virginia.

It is therefore no surprise that Virginia has become a more Democratic state in recent years.  Indeed, the party has stood up for crowds in the suburbs around Washington, D.C.  The May shooting that left 12 people dead in Virginia Beach galvanized a debate around gun violence, with Democrats backing tighter controls, something that Trump has been ignoring and favoring for the gun lobby.

 While Trump has been rallying the Republicans and his approvals looks steady, a recent WSJ/NBC poll has shown that two leading Democratic candidates may change the complete game for him.

Mr. Trump is seen trailing former Vice President Joe Biden among registered voters by 9 percentage points, 41% to 50%, and also Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts by 8 points, 42% to 50%. The survey of 720 registered voters had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.65%.


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