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Trump would ‘take’ foreign information on rival in 2020 election



Donald Trump has stated he would accept damaging specifics of his opponent during the 2020 election campaign,even though it came from a foreign government.

In an interview with broadcaster ABC Reports , the president refused this would count as meddling in an election.

“You might want to listen, there’s nothing wrong with listening,” he told the US broadcaster.

“If somebody called from a country…he added ‘we have information on your opponent’ – I think I’d want to hear it.”

Mr Trump dismissed concerns that this would amount to electoral interference by a foreign power.

He added: “It’s not an interference, they have information, I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong I’d go, maybe, to the FBI – if I thought there was something wrong.

“But when somebody comes up with opposition research, right… if you go and talk honestly to congressmen, they all do it, they always have, and that’s the way it is. It’s called: oppo, research.”

“They have information – I think I’d take it,” he said.

Asked if he thought his son should have called the FBI when he received one such email in 2016, he said: “Give me a break, life doesn’t work that way.”



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