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Trump Threatens Again To Attack 52 Iranian Assets



Trump is continuing his offensive against Iran as he declares 52 sites of American target list, if Iran decides to retaliate.

Trump is continuing his offensive against Iran as he declares 52 sites of American target list if Iran decides to retaliate.  Mixed messages are coming in after the US attacked and eliminated the Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani outside the Baghdad International Airport recently.

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has applauded the Trump gesture of ordering the elimination of an Irani linchpin that was instrumental in giving unwarranted support to civil wars in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has shown concern over mounting tension between Washington and Tehran, something that can affect the peace of the whole world. However, Raab also mentioned that ousting Soleimani made some sense because he was a ’regional menace’.

Iran had threatened with severe action. As a trailer, a series of rockets were reportedly launched in Baghdad that fell inside or near the Green Zone, which houses government offices and foreign embassies, including the US Embassy.  No one was reported hurt.

The number 52 is significant to Trump as it coincides with the number of high profile American hostages held with Iran to things of grave importance to Tehran.  He has taken to twitter and sounded an open challenge to ‘hit quick and hard’ if anything was to happen to American assets.

Strangely, after White House administration had posted his tweet, the official US government agency website seemed to have been hacked by a group calling itself “Iran Cyber Security Group Hackers”. Meanwhile, a message on the American Federal Depository Library Programme site read, “This is a message from the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will not stop supporting our friends in the region: the oppressed people of Palestine, the oppressed people of Yemen, the people, and the Syrian government, the people and government of Iraq, the oppressed people of Bahrain, the true Mujahideen resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, [they] will always be supported by us.”

The open asserting went on to say, “This is only a small part of Iran’s cyber ability!”

Up until now, the US has been taking soft measures without starting a military offensive on its own. With the assassination of a key Iranian military commander, it has shown its military muscle, leaving Iran to react as it deems appropriate.  Iran will not take this beating down quietly, and it might strike too hard, once for all.

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