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Trump Tries To Pull Joe Biden Into A Mud War



Former vice-president Joe Biden

Donald Trump is pushing everything around to dig out some skeletons from Democratic forerunner Joe Biden’s closet, but there are none to be found, as of now.

His pressure over probes into Biden’s son’s involvement in possible charges of embezzlement with the Ukranian company he was working for has brought Trump flag from the Democrats.

President Trump has been known to have made several calls to the president of Ukraine in July to investigate Hunter Biden urging Volodymyr  Zelensky about eight times to work with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani on a probe.

Democrats are now pushing for Trump’s impeachment as the latter, has made several attempts to push the Ukrainian President to open a full-fledged probe into Biden and his son Hunter Biden, for their earlier associations in Ukraine. 

Trump’s strongest contender to the forthcoming 2020 elections, Biden has to his credit public accolades for having done a good job as Obama’s man of the moment in 2014. He was known to have been shuttling between the US and Ukraine in an attempt to keep the corruption levels in Kyiv in check and provide necessary aid to a country which was caught up in civil war.

What seems to be working for Trump is the fact that Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was employed with a Ukrainian oil and gas company. Hunter was drawing a hefty pay package of $50,000 a month as a board member, till April 2019, when his association seized to exist. 

However, there is no smoke with fire, as it did come to light that Hunter’s employer Burisma Holdings Ltd owned by Mykola Zlochevsky was under the scrutiny of Ukrainian persecutors but was never convicted. He had been the minister of natural resources till 2012.

As all heat is focused at Biden, Trump has indicated with his actions that he sees Biden as the biggest threat to his re-election bid. Currently, there are 19 more candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to face him in the November 2020 election. While there may be no truth to be found in Trump’s allegations, the Democratic voters, analysts say, is sensitive to perceptions about a candidate and his public image. This could be Biden’s greatest challenge, unless he can say something really convincing in his defense and show he is a man of action and not diplomacy, unlike Trump.

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