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Trump’s candidate for IDB election faces heated opposition in Latin America




Amid the efforts to mitigate the socio-economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Americas, the Latin American region is facing a crucial challenge to find a suitable leader for the Inter-American Development Bank. As the struggle to appoint an appropriate leader for the main development bank in Latin America continues, a clash of opinions over the potential candidates has emerged in the geopolitical discourse.

As US President Donald Trump has picked his adviser Mauricio Claver-Carone for the Inter-American Development Bank’s leadership election, his candidacy has not been well-accepted by several countries in the region who are maintaining that, if nominated, Claver-Carone would be the first person outside Latin America to lead the IDB.

Ever since its inception in 1959, the Washington-based IDB has been defined by two crucial parameters: the US has been its biggest shareholder; its president has been appointed from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Reportedly, Trump’s candidate Claver-Carone is being backed by almost 15 Latin American countries including Brazil and Colombia. However, there are some US lawmakers and Latin American presidents opposing his contest in the IDB election, scheduled to take place on September 12. Notedly, Argentina has its own candidate for the election.

However, it has been urging for postponing the IDB election after the US election in November. However, with a limited voting power of 11%, Argentina would require more support to back their request for postponing the election.

To win the IDB election, a candidate has to attain the support of at least 15 of the 28 regional member countries, along with a majority of the total vote.
Media reports have claimed that the Mexican government will, in all likelihood, support Argentina’s candidate as they are against Claver-Carone’s tough stance against several Latin American countries.

With China making its way deeper into the Latin American economies, Trump has significantly intensified his efforts to tackle Beijing. Political analysts profess that nominating a candidate for the IDB election was one such move of the US President to counter China’s influence in the region.

Latin American region is facing the brunt of economic consequences of pandemic restrictions and the IDB will provide much-needed assistance to the cash-strapped countries in the region in their recovery process. Political analysts, critical of US leadership of the IDB, has maintained that Claver-Carone’s appointment would undermine the efforts to combat COVID-19 in Latin America.


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