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Turkey ‘illegal’ gas drilling in Cyprus could be sanctioned by the EU



Turkey’s oil drilling off the coast of Cyprus could be sanctioned by the EU as ‘illegal’ as an evony from Brussel that planned negotiations for an transport agreement would be suspended, and would scale back the financial assistance to Turkey.

Turkey argues that its drilling is legal as it is carried out in its own waters as it recognises Cyprus as a breakaway state and Ankara stated that it will add a second vessel, the Yavuz, to back up the Faith.

Cyprus and Greece have asked the EU to take the appropriate measures against Turkey: “Despite our best intentions to keep good neighbourly relations with Turkey, its continued escalation and challenge to the sovereignty of our Member State Cyprus will inevitably lead the EU to respond in full solidarity,” said Donald Tusk, president of the European Council of ministers.

Turkey is trying to enter the EU but this could jeopardize the process as Brussels raised concern over the ‘illegally conduct’ of the drillings and the ‘unacceptable escalation’ after the dispatch of the second vessels by Ankara.

EU’s foreing policy chief Federica Mogherini said that this will have a ‘serious negative impact’ on the EU-Turkey relations.


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