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Turkish police fire tear gas to push migrants to cross the border



Turkish police fire tear gas to push migrants to cross the border

Greece released a video that showed Turkish riot police firing tear gas canisters at the Kastani border crossing point, where thousands of migrants were trying to cross into the European Union.

Athens accuses Ankara of deliberately provoking migrants to push them to cross the border into Greece. Turkey said last week that it would not adhere from now on to a 2016 agreement with the European Union stipulating that migrants remain on its soil in exchange for aid from the bloc.

The video showed a row of Turkish security forces behind Shields, while four of its members exchanged tear gas canisters into Greek territory. The authenticity of this clip could not be verified.

A Greek security official told Reuters that the Turkish riot police were launching gas canisters to keep the Greek forces on the other side of the border to facilitate the entry of migrants into the border, adding, “Another reason is our provocation.”

In response to a question about this accusation, a Turkish security official said, “The Turkish police were responding with tear gas at the Greek police shooting at the migrants. The Turkish police never targeted the migrants, but were trying to protect them from Greek fire. ”

Greece has repeatedly denied the suggestion that it is shooting at migrants, and has rejected Turkey’s claim that its forces have killed up to four migrants in the past few days, describing this as “fake news”.
Relations between the two countries are strained in most cases. Greek security forces used tear gas and water cannons on Wednesday in an attempt to disperse the migrants.

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