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Turkish troops launched an offensive in the Syrian province of Idlib



Turkish troops launched an offensive in the Syrian province of Idlib

Turkish forces and Syrian opposition troops on Thursday launched a military operation in the southeastern Syrian province of Idlib against the Syrian army, local media reported.

 According to them, the attack is on the position of the Syrian troops, who liberated in February in the eastern regions of Idlib province.

 Turkish troops support the artillery offensive of anti-government forces in the southeast of the province.

Syrian opposition units, with the support of Turkish troops, after a fierce battle, recaptured the village of Nairobi from the Syrian forces, local media reported.  This settlement is located on the M4 highway, 10 kilometers southeast of the provincial capital, the city of the same name, Idlib.

According to reports, opposition groups have already destroyed the tank and armored vehicles of the Syrian forces, as well as seized one tank.

 The Russian military reported that the Turkish armed forces supported the attack by militants southeast of Idlib in Syria, “which allowed terrorists to break through the defenses of the Syrian army.”

 The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria noted that four Syrian soldiers were injured due to shelling by Turkish positions.

 At the same time, as noted in the Center for Reconciliation, Russian bombers in northern Syria destroyed the armored vehicles of the militants who launched the attack with the support of Turkish forces.  “In order to prevent the gangs from moving deeper into Syrian territory, at the request of the Syrian command of the Russian SU-24 airborne forces, a blow was struck against the bursting armed formations of terrorists,” the Center said.

“This allowed the Syrian troops to successfully repel all attacks. They destroyed one tank, six infantry fighting vehicles and five pickups with large-caliber weapons of militants,” the center said.

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