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Tusk calls Brexit the most painful and biggest mistake in history



Donald Tusk during EPP Congress in Zagreb.

Donald Tusk, the outgoing President of the European Union, in a recent interview revealed his regret over the Brexit referendum. Tusk said that if Britain exits from the European Union, it would be one of the ‘most spectacular mistakes’ and the most painful experience in the history of the EU.

An outspoken Polish leader, who held the reigns of the EU council since 2014, said that he always hoped that Brexit never becomes a reality. He also told all the other ‘remainers’ rooting for no-Brexit to not lose hope as they still have a chance to change things with December 12 election.

In his first exclusive interviews, after stepping down from the Council, Tusk told The Guardian and six other European newspapers, that it would be better for both EU and UK if Brexit could be reverted. He also called Brexit the “most painful and saddest experience” of his five years in office.

Tusk has been very open about his opinion over Brexit. When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan was rejected in UK parliament, in January, 2019, he tweeted, “If a deal is impossible, and no-one wants no deal, then who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is?”

He blamed former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, for the “mistake” of organising the referendum that “he had no chance to win”.

Tusk said, “I asked him(Cameron): ‘Is it a decision, is it an obligation to follow this result?’” Tusk added that he continued to hope for things to change. He said, “My intention was to at least prolong the whole debate in Europe and also in the UK. With this, maybe [it was] a little bit naive [to] hope that it could be reversible.”

Tusk also ridiculed the contemporary standards of politics, which he felt were based on multiple lies. With reference to the 2016 US presidential race and the Brexit campaign, he said a new element in politics was “the unprecedented readiness to lie on almost everything…to treat a lie as a justifiable tool to win”. According to him, it was nothing but a  “shameless” behaviour which would have disqualified politicians only 10 years ago.

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