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UK government discards criticism of its battle against crime in the Capital




The new Boris Johnson administration has discarded the criticism over its firm stance and ways to deal with crimes and is thinking about longer legal sentences for the most severe offenders.

Prime Minister Johnson has propelled a bunch of measures since he took office a month ago; he increased prisons, announced the deployment of 20,000 more police officials and a continuation to the questionable stop-and-search strategy. It is broadly accepted for his attempts to harden grassroots support before a potential election drive during the progressing Brexit unrest.

As per international media, Johnson, who regularly spoke about anti-crime stance when he was London Mayor, says he needs offenders, and not the general public, “to be scared” in a spate of stabbings in the Capital.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Johnson said, I need to see knifes removed from the streets. We had done it previously when London confronted a similar spate of knife crimes and brutality toward the start of my first term as Mayor. We can do it once more.”

Changes currently mean police in England and Wales can now more effectively stop and search suspects; a move that Johnson acknowledged was “dubious.” critics state it unreasonably targets colored people.

Charlotte Pickles, director of the Reform think tank stated on Johnson that “His clear grasp of stop and search is astounding — study indicates it does little to avoid violence. Smart investment is required, yet these promises are exorbitant election speeches, not a genuine endeavour to make this nation more secure.”

As per international media, however, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has safeguarded the move and said the police upheld it.

“We’re not returning to a system of aimless stop and search, because of the skin color, that would be entirely wrong,” Buckland disclosed to LBC Radio. He added, “However, we are moving to a framework where the police are more liberated and increasingly ready to target and organize specific issues in regions of concern to them, to utilize these forces in a viable manner.”

On Monday, Johnson requested an audit over the legal punishment system for vicious and sexual guilty parties over “whether they are serving sentences that mirror the seriousness of their offence or not.”

He announced that the Crown Prosecution Service would likewise be given £85 million (Dh377m).

“To guarantee trust in the framework, the sentence should perfectly fit the crime. We have all observed instances of attackers and killers let out too early or individuals affronting again when they’re released,” Johnson stated. “This must stop now. We want the criminals arrested, locked up in prison, punished and rightly rehabilitated,” Johnson stated.


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