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UK police chief: Forces had no prior information about Boris Johnson’s ‘political speech plan’



UK police chief

The West Yorkshire police criticized Boris Johnson for delivering a political address before a backdrop of its officers. The chief constable stated the force was guaranteed this would not occur yet the Downing Street changed plans in the last minute.

Boris Johnson has faced widespread criticism for appearing to insult the impartiality of police officers by making remarks about Brexit and an election at a police training college in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, with police officers arranged at the background.

In an announcement made on Friday, West Yorkshire police stated the visit was intended to have four phases: visiting the mounted area; a five-minute speech about plans to hire 20,000 new police officers; an informal talk with new police trainees; and a more extended address at the National Police Air Service (NPAS) base. The Guardian reports.

The chief constable, John Robins, told minutes before the speech, the force was informed that the NPAS visit had cancelled. He stated: “I was along these lines astonished to see my cops standing behind while the speech was taking place, which was not part of the event. The chief constable was satisfied that they were chosen as the essential point of the national recruitment campaign, yet the media inclusion of different occasions eclipsed the coverage with other events.

“It was in the knowledge of the West Yorkshire police that their presence exclusively in the event was due to new police officials recruitment. The officers had no prior information that the speech would be expanded to different issues until it was delivered.”

A Downing Street representative stated: “The PM’s long-planned visit was to highlight a national recruitment campaign for 20,000 new police officers. It allowed the PM to meet and see the excellent training which the recruits receive.

Labor party politician, Yvette Cooper, also stated: “Boris Johnson’s political speech by stopping Police officers training was a political stunt and an insult of power.”

Article Credit: – The Guardian/ BBC


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