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UK’s Brexit strategy ‘dangerous’ – Scottish First Minister




Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had a meeting with Boris Johnson on Monday and said that Britain’s hard stance on a no-deal Brexit is ‘dangerous’ adding that they are denying it in public.

“Behind all of the bluff and bluster, this is a government that is dangerous. The path that it is pursuing is a dangerous one, for Scotland but for all of the UK. 

He says that he wants a deal with EU but there is no clarity whatsoever about how he thinks he can get from the position now, where he’s taking a very hard line … to a deal.” 

Johnson has been criticized this arrival at the Bute House by anti-Brexit protesters and pro-Scottish independence but he pledged to ‘strengthen the union’ with £300 million that would be split between Wales, Nothern Ireland and Scotland. 

Scotland voted in 2016 to remain into the EU and Ms. Sturgeon said that Johnson’s plans would be hurting Scotland’s economy adding that Scottish people didn’t vote for this government and for this PM and certainly didn’t vote for a no-deal Brexit and that London is ignoring Scotland on the matter. 

Sturgeon said that she will prepare a second independence referendum but Johnson rejected this idea, saying that it was ‘just once in a generation vote’ and a second referendum would undermine confidence towards politicians.


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